Have you ever felt like your body was out of alignment? Have you ever had a sore muscle or cramp that never seemed to go away? Do you ever feel like you and your body just don’t get along? At Structura we believe the answer to these common problems is structural integration. 

What is structural integration?

Structural Integration is a way of restructuring the physical body. Structural Integration is a system that induces change toward an ordered pattern around the gravitational field. In general, it is a basic ten-hour cycle of treatment that balances myofascial relationships in the body. Structural integration is more than a massage; it’s a complete body realignment program.

Why should you participate in structural integration?

“The only product that is worth investing in is a fully functional musculoskeletal system. It’s no luxury but rather a basic necessity that is within everyone’s reach.” – Pete Egoscue

If you don’t invest in the health and alignment of your body’s frame, then who will? Good posture and proper body alignment both have countless health benefits, including:

  • Increasing your breathing efficiency
  • Reduce your back and neck pain
  • Improved concentration- your brain is able to benefit from the increased oxygen
  • Your organs will be properly aligned and work more efficiently- this is especially important for your digestive system
  • Your hips, knees, joints, back, and neck will experience less stress which will protect your joints
  • Improved appearance and confidence
  • Better circulation
  • And more!

In our post a few weeks ago we discussed the importance of adjusting the frames of your bikes to reduce any pain or discomfort while riding. If it’s that important to adjust our exercise equipment, how much more important is it for us to adjust our bodies?

Thomas Edison once explained that, “The Doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

Structural integration is not a “new” concept, the idea of caring for the human frame has been around as long as there have been humans. Ask yourself what you’ve done lately to care for your body, and consider giving structural integration a try!

If you have any questions related to structural integration or massage, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please call 801-897-8711.

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