Structura Body Therapies offers signature massages with techniques that will ease your muscles, release stress, and promote proper mind body function. In as few as ten sessions, your body will become educated through touch and movement. Our specialists will use special massage techniques to release pain and stress in the body while restoring balance by integrating the body.

Deep Connective Tissue Massage

Deep connective tissue massages are meant for myofascial release. Myofascial release is a soft tissue treatment for skeletal muscle immobility and pain. It stabilizes the tissue surrounding the muscles and improves the strength of the whole fascial system. The strokes used are slow with deep pressure on concentrated areas of strain and discomfort. The pressure warms the tissue to reach deep layers of the muscle targeting muscle adhesions (knots). It’s common to feel a good pain while receiving a deep connective tissue massage. Although this massage helps with pain, it’s also known to be a less relaxing experience that a traditional massage.


A major benefit from a deep connective tissue massage is pain relief. It focuses on stiff, taut muscles in your body and relieves chronic patterns of tension. Additionally, deep tissue pressure can break up knots and release the lactic acid, reducing the pain and tension. The pressure you feel will force blood to move through blocked areas. Blood circulation will be increased, thereby making nutrients and oxygen more obtainable for the muscle. Our clients notice an increase in their mobility and flexibility while releasing tension and pain. Another benefit from a deep connective tissue massage is better posture and which aids in maintaining structural integrity of the joints.

Your Therapist will put together a program that fits your schedule and also benefits your therapy plan. This is ideal to maintain your postural health in-between visits after receiving a Structural or Injury massage session. If you have any questions related to structural integration, other types of massage, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with Structura Body Therapies, please call us at 801-897-8711.

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