Prior to, and after physical activity                                 

For any athlete or person involved with sports and physical activity, flexibility is an important part of your routine.  By incorporating massage before and after taking part in physical activity, you can increase flexibility.  Massaging before physical activity will get your blood flow to increase, and tension and stress in your joints will be released.  After the physical activity, a massage can be given an hour or two afterwards to increase flexibility as well.  A massage will flush your system of any toxins or lactic acid that was shaken loose while you were exercising.  Also, if you are well hydrated prior to getting a massage, it will create more fluids to run through your joints.


Massage is crucial

When you are active, knots and tightness present themselves on your muscles, making it difficult to keep flexibility.  Getting regular massages can aide in this flexibility issue, and will help keep you relaxed at the same time.  Flexibility is important in athletes for several reasons including injury prevention, like pulled muscles and twisted joints.  For athletes, specific parts of the body can be concentrated on to help the areas used most when doing activities.  Because massage increases circulation, this helps push blood through the veins effectively so healing and repair happens more quickly.  Massage can also help athletes keep a positive attitude through stress reduction.


After an injury                          

If you experience an injury from any activities or sports you participate in, massage can help to heal the injury more quickly.  When you tear muscles or sprain an area of your body, scar tissue begins to form.  By using massage, alongside stretching and therapeutic exercises, scar tissue can be broken down so you can regain any flexibility you lost due to the injury.  Muscle spasms will occur less frequently and any toxins built up in the injured tissue will be released.  Be sure you are aware of your limits when working with a massage therapist after an injury, but also, push yourself to stretch more each time to get the results you want.  You may feel some pain in the beginning, but try to focus on the fact that it will heal your body to get you back to your optimal flexibility level.


If you are active in sports or other activities, massage therapy is an essential part of keeping your body healthy before and after workouts or sports related injuries. Your body will heal quicker, and be more efficient, so you can perform at your top level.  If you have any questions related to structural integration or massage, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please call 801-897-8711.

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