muscle reeducation massage ogden utah

Muscle Re-Education

Our bodies begin with perfect construction, but the effects of time, gravity and injury take us further from that origin. In order to get back to our roots, our muscles need to be re-educated to function the way that they are supposed to. This re-education is accomplished through strategic exercises and movements specific to each client’s needs. This approach, couple with our unique therapy techniques, can help your body get back to a more neutral position and help you attain a pain-free lifestyle.

muscle reeducation ogden utah

Muscle Re-Education

Muscle re-education is a unique and very effective program designed to treat musculoskeletal pain without manipulation (massage techniques). It is a process which involves a series of stretches and gentle exercises designed to restore full, natural function to muscles and joints. This process strengthens specific muscles and brings the body back to its proper alignment and functioning the way it was designed—pain-free. From children to senior citizens, professional athletes to those in pain, this is appropriate for all ages and levels of activity.

The Perfect Combination

Muscle re-education is an important aspect of our therapy approach. Our therapy techniques, Structural Integration and Structural Physiotherapy, are integrated with this re-education program. This combination of therapy and re-education is the perfect recipe to a more healthy, balanced, and pain-free body.

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