Chronic Back Problems

Did you know that more than 70% of the American population will suffer from some kind of back pain in their lifetime?

Don’t let back pain keep you from living your fullest life!

Although most acute back pain can get better with a few weeks of at-home treatment, chronic back pain can be identified as an even bigger problem. This sort of back pain can affect your day-to-day lifestyle and the overall quality of your life. You might have tried everything to help find relief, from over-the-counter pain medication to wraps and back support braces.

However, with our sitting generation and lifestyle, your posture is at the forefront of the reasons for your back pain. This sort of detriment to how you hold yourself can affect your body more than you realize and be the root of your pain. If you are going about your day with poor posture, you’ll notice that your muscles—especially in certain areas of the back—have been over-compensating, which bring muscle weakness to other parts of the back and pain to the over-worked parts.

Live Pain Free - We Can Help

Back pain is the most common work-related medical problem in the US and the second most common reason for doctor visits. Schedule your FREE 45 minute consultation

This imbalance in the body leads to not only chronic pain but also dysfunction, leaving you with even worse posture than you began. Our methods concerning Structural Integration here at Structure can help target those problem areas in your back and help you strengthen your weaknesses.

Our physical therapy program will identify the parts of the pain most affected and help you work on them. Our licensed therapists will work with you on an individual level, creating a plan that can help you get back to—or get to—a pain-free lifestyle. Although you might not think it possible, Structura can help you get rid of your chronic back pain.

Jon from Ogden Utah Testimonial

Working with Structura Body Therapies has been a life-changing experience. They are not only extremely skilled in their practice, but are very educational. I noticed a big difference after the first visit

Ogden, UT

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