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These days, we live in a fast paced world that is quick to tire our minds and bodies.  Many people are bombarded with stressful events that can create feelings of discontentment, annoyance, frustration, or sadness.   These negative feelings can bring on several health problems including headaches, stomachaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, heart disease, or strokes.  One of the methods of alleviating these problems and negative feelings is massage.  Massage provides you with a rejuvenating experience by getting rid of stress through soothing hand strokes on the body.


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Whether it is a massage, a handshake, holding someone’s hand, or a hug, touch is an essential part of our lives. Several studies have shown connections between the types of touch listed above and improved overall health. Experiencing positive contact with people helps us to feel attached and connected to our fellow human beings and is a major way we reduce stress.  A lack of touch in a person’s life can impede the development of the main channels of sensory reception.  This can be very problematic because sensory reception acts as the building blocks of a person’s emotional knowledge and wellbeing, which helps us identify and interact with others properly.



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In regards to massage, there are certain physiological and chemical changes that occur in the body which can have long lasting positive effects. Massage can help premature babies gain weight, it can increase the speed of healing from sickness, and it helps us feel calm when we are frightened.  Even though the power of touch is not completely understood, massage is an important part of life as it promotes relaxation, puts your mind at ease, and brings you the benefits of positive human touch.


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