Even though pregnancy can be a very exciting point in life, it can also bring on some difficult and painful symptoms like nausea, fatigue, and body aches.  Recent studies have shown, however, that massage therapy can help reduce some of these symptoms while also improving the health of your newborn and labor results.  During pregnancy, there are shifts in a woman’s hormonal patterns which cause circulatory and skeletal changes that can produce feelings of pain or discomfort.  Through various techniques, massage can help ease muscle tension and improve blood circulation.

Here are a few other ways massage therapy can improve the overall experience of pregnancy.


Natural and safe relief                                                           natural

While pregnant, there are many medicines that are off limits which can make dealing with any discomfort increasingly difficult.  Massage therapy offers a safe and natural way to reduce pregnancy soreness like swollen legs or achy feet.



Jumpstart your body                                                             exercise pregnant

Maintaining optimal health and overall proper function of all your body’s systems is extremely important while going through a pregnancy.  Massage can help improve the function of your nervous, lymphatic, and circulatory systems.



Reduce joint stress                                                             joint

Obviously, pregnancy will cause a woman to gain weight primarily in one area which can cause the center of gravity to be thrown off and joint pain to ensue.  Massage can assist in this issue by soothing the stress brought on by the added pressure on your joints.


Relieving sore muscles                                                             swoll feet

Especially in the second and third trimesters, a woman will likely begin to feel a lot of muscle soreness and tension.  Massage can help reduce the effects of these sore muscles and help ease any tension that may exist.



Improve emotional health                                              healthy pregnancy

With all the changes and hormone shifts in the body, stress is another common side effect of pregnancy.  Massage therapy can significantly relieve emotional stress and help make the pregnancy process run smoother.


Positive results for your baby

Along with the guidance of your doctor, all of the benefits we have discussed above can not only benefit the mother, but also the baby.  Less stress, enhanced health, and feeling good can all translate into a better pregnancy experience.


We hope this post will help show you all of the benefits you can receive from massage therapy during your pregnancy.  If you have any questions related to structural integration, other types of massage, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with Structura, please call us at 801-897-8711.

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