If you’re one of the millions of American’s with a desk job then you know that a long day sitting in front of the computer, making phone calls, and dealing with stressful situations is exhausting. Sometimes desk jobs can be more than exhausting, they can be downright painful.  Sitting in the same position for extended hours and straining your neck and back to look at your computer screen can cause tension headaches, soreness in the neck and shoulders, and stiffness in the body.

What can you do to help alleviate the pain?

Sure you can down a bottle of pain relievers or drink alcoholic beverages, but these are only temporary solutions to your pain and will harm your performance at work. Massage therapy can provide a healthy alternative with lasting pain relief without leaving your mind feeling foggy.

If you are living with chronic pain such as migraine and tension headaches, stiff neck, and sore shoulders from your desk job, a professional massage therapist can help you work through the pain in just a few treatments. Be aware that a good therapist will also recommend a good stretching regimen and certain exercises for you to do at home between treatments to help you recover faster.

Have you always thought of massage as a luxury you couldn’t afford? Consider the price of having a healthy body that is pain free. How much is that worth to you? Massages come in a range of prices and in a variety of packages, so you’re sure to find the right fit for you. Also some health insurance plans will cover massage for medical reasons; look into your plan to see if you’re already covered for massage therapy.

Does the idea of a full body massage make you feel uncomfortable? Try having a chair massage the first time around to help you find your comfort zone. Chances are you’ll realize there is nothing to be afraid of, and you will go for a full body massage on your next visit.

If you are living with pain caused by your desk job and are looking for a healthy lasting solution to this pain, then look no farther, massage therapy is your answer!

Here at Structura Body Therapies we are concerned with the overall performance of the body and understand the importance of all areas of health and massage therapy. We treat patients with all types of needs from automobile accident related injuries to sports performance work.

Please contact us today for any information needed related to massage or structural integration.call us at 801-897-8711


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