Your skin is your body’s largest organ with a total area of about 20 square feet! Since skin makes up so much of who you are, you should treat it well, right? There are many ways you can care for your skin and keep it healthy; in this post we hope to explain how adding massage therapy to your skin care routine will improve your skin’s overall health. 

Improved circulation

Massage facilitates circulation because the pressure created in the massage technique moves blood through congested areas. The release of this same pressure allows new blood to flow in. Your skin will not only feel better as the result of improved circulation, but it will also look better. Increased blood flow in your skin will give you an overall glow and will improve the look and feel of your skin.


Regular massages will also help reduce the build up of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. Removing dead cells from your skin will improve the overall health and appearance of your skin. Exfoliation improves overall health and wellness by improving circulation and relaxing your body during the process. The appearance of your skin will improve because exfoliation tightens pores, improves skin’s texture, and gives your skin an overall brightness.

Moisturize your skin

With the right massage oil and technique, a massage will also leave your skin feeling nourished, hydrated and smooth. Moisturizing your skin by way of massage allows your skin to absorb the nutrients in the oil or cream far more easily.

Reverses the negative effects of aging

Wrinkles develop because the face tends to contract muscles in the same direction. Facial massages help reduce the appearance and development of wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles. In addition, facial massages increase blood flow in the skin and reduce toxins from building up.

Tighten skin after weight loss or pregnancy

Massage increases blood circulation to the skin, which promotes skin regeneration. Not only will massage help skin bounce back after pregnancy or weight loss, but it can also help to heal your stretch marks.

If you want healthier skin with an overall better look and feel, consider massage therapy! Massage has many benefits for the skin including improved circulation, removing dead skin cells, reducing toxin build up, and giving you a healthy youthful glow. Massage therapy for your skin is really a win-win so think about making an appointment with one of our skilled massage therapists today! 801-897-8711

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