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Structura’s CrossFit Therapy Program is not just for the injured—it can prepare you to crush your WOD
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Stop working out around your injury

At Structura, we can help identify any muscle imbalances that have been limiting your personal performance. Our highly-trained professional structural therapists will work with you on a treatment plan that can help you push yourself to your limit.

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Structura’s CrossFit Therapy Program is not just for the injured—it can prepare you to crush your WOD.

One wrong movement while performing CrossFit training exercises—like a double-under, a muscle-up or a deadlift—can keep you on the sidelines of the next competition.

With movements like those, you’re no stranger to risk.

The injury risk of CrossFit, however high, can be easily reduced through proper form and training. The CrossFit community emphasizes technique and tailoring workouts to your individual capacity.

Here at Structura, we focus on getting that risk down so you can stay injury-free and healthy—to lift stronger, longer, and harder.

Our CrossFit Therapy Program at Structura has a specialized itinerary for heavy-lifters like you. It not only helps with your problem areas but also preps you for your next WOD.

Structura’s CrossFit Program can focus on minimizing risk while maximizing potential. By turning your weaknesses into strengths and focusing on proper form, we can tend to your injuries or help keep you from one.

From your first appointment with us, our on-staff physical therapists can help assess any problem areas, get a head start on treating injuries, and put a plan in place to help you beat your lifting PR.

At Structura, the principles of our program are simple: we take the knowledge and real-world experience we have working with athletes like you to not only help you recover but get you stronger so you can hit your goals.

Once we’ve assessed you and outlined a tailored path for your CrossFit therapy, we can get you started on your treatment plan for an injury or therapy for prevention. These plans are specifically designed for you and your movements.

The name Structura isn’t just a name. It’s our way of operation.

By focusing on the structure of your body and your body mechanics, we can then focus on the structure of your unique CrossFit therapy plan. Designed specifically for CrossFit, we emphasize important concepts you need to perform unique movements pain-free. Concepts like stability, mobility, and dynamic ability are at the core of our program.

We want to help you strengthen the sound foundation of your joints, reach the fully active and passive range of motion in your mobility, and help you safely accelerate and decelerate resistance for optimal dynamic ability while you lift.

Whether you are suffering from pain-limiting performance or are taking the necessary steps for pain prevention, our team here at Structura wants to help you take care of your own body.

Want an Athlete-Friendly and Focused Place?

Sometimes you need a little more than just a friendly face.

An athlete-friendly place like Structura Body Therapies can help you not only feel more accepted but also feel better-cared for—with a team of professionals that focus on getting athletes to do what they love again, pain-free.

For specialized, unique, evidence-based treatment through your injury or proven injury-prevention plans to help keep you pain-free for your next WOD, Structura can help do the heavy-lifting.

Let our team of professionals create a unique plan for your treatment and therapy to help you feel your strongest.

Your Workouts Are Unique: Your CrossFit Therapy Should Be To

Each training you put your body through is rigorous and intense in its own right. You need a special brand of our therapy that can back you up when you’ve stressed your body to the max.

Whether you suffering from shoulder impingement, Achilles pain, Plantar Fasciitis or other movement-related injuries, our staff can help you not only form a treatment plan to get you moving again but also identify muscle imbalances to help with future injury prevention.

We’ve gone in the trenches with other CrossFitters, just like you, and come out the other side victorious and pain-free. Let Structura help you not keep up with but crush your workouts instead.

Your workouts are hard enough. You shouldn’t have to start them in pain

Avoiding injury by offering our specialized therapies can keep you in the gym longer and performing your best.

Whether you are a CrossFit beginner or a veteran-level competitor, Structura Body Therapies can work with you to keep you pain-free for your workouts and events.

From the initial assessment to the last session, your unique program will place focus on your individual needs as an athlete and eliminate even the earliest signs of discomfort.

You work hard on your body. So, Structura works hard, for you—with your body—to help you give your all, all the time.

Our services offered focus on

Pain Management

Structura’s unique therapy is highly effective for addressing chronic pain, tension, discomfort, stiffness, decreased flexibility or impaired movement. We get to the root of the problem, instead of just treating the symptoms. We strive to help you get back to doing the things that you love, pain-free.

Injury Recover

When injuries occur to the body, it causes trauma to your body’s soft tissue. When your tissue is injured, it will lock up, bind, and shorten to protect itself, causing pain and tension. Our therapists will work to release areas of tension and patterns of stress in the body using our therapy techniques, which will give you faster, longer-lasting relief.

Relaxation Massage

Our relaxation massage is nothing like you’ve experienced before. Our approach will bring balance to your body’s muscle structure and our massage will ease you into relaxation, release stress and promote proper mind-body function. You will feel why the effects of our massages last longer than any other massage.

Athletic Mobility

Athletes need mobility in order to perform their best. Structura’s team of highly skilled massage therapists are trained to view muscle imbalances in the body that may be affecting performance. Our therapy helps athletes gain range of motion and flexibility to help them compete at their highest level.

Structural Integration

We specialize in a unique therapy called Structural Integration. This approach changes the body’s holding patterns and puts it back into a more neutral, balanced state. Our practitioners focus on balancing the body to improve range of motion, flexibility, posture, and support pain-free living.

Postural Alignment Therapy

The Egoscue Method is a unique and very effective program designed to treat musculoskeletal pain without manipulation (massage techniques). It is a process which involves a series of stretches and gentle exercises designed to restore full, natural function to muscles and joints.

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