Our Ogden Utah location is the hub for Structura and serves as our corporate office. Situated in the foothills of the beautiful Wasatch Mountain Range, this office is a block south of where Highway-89 and Harrison Blvd connect. Our office is on the second floor of a red brick office building, which is situated right behind the Neighborhood Wal-Mart. We proudly serve Ogden and its surrounding cities, such as Washington Terrace, Roy, and North Ogden.

This location consists of six therapy rooms, a reception area, and our training facility. This training facility is where all of our employees are trained in our unique therapy, Structural Integration.

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6112 S. 1550 E. #203
South Ogden, Utah 84405
Phone: 801-897-8711
Email: info@structurabodytherapies.com

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  • Monday:  9 AM – 8 PM

  • Tuesday:  9 AM – 8 PM

  • Wednesday:  9 AM – 8 PM

  • Thursday:  9 AM – 8 PM

  • Friday:  9 AM – 6 PM

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Structural Integration and Massage Ogden

Each of our practitioners are licensed massage therapists. When they come to Structura, they are then trained in our therapy techniques by our highly experienced founders, Jason and Nancy Prince. This on-site training includes the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, which is the foundation of all of our therapies. Get to know the Ogden location team!

massage ogden utah

Nova – Structural Integration Practitioner

“I love Structural Integration because it works. I’ve learned first-hand the power it has to relieve pain and improve one’s quality of life. It’s awesome to be able to teach someone how their body works and help them take charge of their well-being. I love hearing when a client has found some relief and that they can continue doing what they love to do or even start doing things they haven’t been able to do in the past. I like knowing that I had a part in their wellness journey.”

Jocelyn – Structural Integration Practitioner

What is your favorite part about your work at Structura?  Seeing the progress in my clients both physically and mentally after being able to live a pain free life.

Jess – Structural Integration Practitioner

My goal as a therapist is to change your life. I truly enjoy what we do here at Structura. I love being able to teach others how they can do things at home to heal and have an optimal life. The immediate responses I get from my clients are proof that what we do works. We all only have one body, so let me help take care of yours!

Jessica Chambers

During massage school I learned about the Rolf Method and have been hooked ever since. I knew this is what I wanted to specialize in. 
I love working at Structura because I learn something new from another therapist everyday, everyone is open to teach others about their techniques.

Kavic Merrill

I was lead to Structural Integration, because I always wanted to do the bodywork! Working as a nurse I saw a lot of cool things that relate to the underlying cause of tissue stimulation that made me want to turn it into a focused practice.

Community Involvement

We are dedicated to helping the people in our community attain their health goals. This is why we actively participate in local events with other businesses and organizations, such as marathons, health fairs, etc. Here are some events we have participated in recently in the Ogden area:

  • Ogden Marathon
  • Morgan Marathon
  • Wildflower Pedalfest
  • Wildflower Trailfest
  • Lifetime Health Fair
  • Home and Garden Show

Preferred Affiliates

What is a Structura Preferred Affiliate? It is a company that shares the same goals that we do. We partner with our affiliates in an effort to support the community with their health goals through joint events, discount programs, networking, and education. Here are the Ogden location’s Preferred Affiliates:

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