Our goal is to get you scoring goals again

Structura’s specially-designed program for Soccer Players helps them advance their recovery, promote their strength, and perform at their best.
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Don't let an injury keep you off the field!

Our goal is to get you scoring goals again.

Are you coming back from an on-field injury like an ACL tear or ankle-sprain? Our highly-trained professional structural therapists will help get you back in the game.

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Structura’s specially-designed program for Soccer Players

To reach maximum potential on the field, Structura’s soccer program is a strength and conditioning curriculum designed to help each player perform at their peak. Merging the focus on how athletes are built and the data on how soccer players move, this specially-designed program combines everything we need to know as professionals to help you get the best results as a player.

Our plan here at Structura helps target range-of-motion, improve flexibility, and establish the proper mechanics necessary to push you to play your best on the field—pain-free.

The principles of the program are quite simple: our team of highly-skilled practitioners pinpoint problem areas, muscle imbalances, and overall weaknesses in each individual.

Once targeted points are established, we get to work—designing a treatment and therapy plan specifically tailored to you:

Your injury, your movement, and your body.

The goal at Structura is to focus on the structure of the body, which can help us build a structure for a treatment plan. This framework encompasses strength, endurance, balance, agility, flexibility, and accuracy.

We have many methods for therapy here at Structura. Some of our best techniques specifically geared towards soccer players include working to best release the areas of chronic tension, locating patterns of stress in your body, and focusing on re-working particular muscles and muscle fascia—or soft tissue—which will help improve mobility while you play.

Each player is different and so are each of our plans. Let us help choose the best treatment and therapy program for not only your particular injury but also for you as a player.

You’re Not Alone: From Our Team to Yours

You’re used to being surrounded by a team of other players on the field when you play.

When you can’t play, our team at Structura Body Therapies is here to support you.

Let our team of professionals guide you through treatment and therapy to help you get back to doing what you love the most.

See. Treat. Release. Repeat.

Some of the most common soccer injuries include muscle pulls, muscle strains, ligament tears, and even dislocated joints.

You’re not alone in this injury. We’ve seen players just like you and treated cases just like yours.

Soccer players also tend to suffer from injuries related to overuse—like shin splints, patellar tendonitis, and Achilles tendonitis.

Through working with those players to get them back on the field, pain-free, we’ve gotten to know—through hands-on experience—how to best develop the program in place to help you play again.

We have also seen and treated players suffering from fractures and stress fractures, as well as muscle tears, ligament sprains, and so many more.

So, trust us: if you have it, we’ve treated it. Our experience and testimonials from past patients can help attest to our work. Together, from therapist to patient, we can work on getting you strong, pain-free, and game-ready.


And also our priority.

To help us offer our services to a wide range of sports injuries, we’ve developed our unique process, which puts your pain at the forefront of our plan.

After an initial assessment, our group of therapy professionals will design a sport-specific treatment and therapy plan to help you play pain-free.

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