Nancy Bakhtiar

Nancy Bakhtiar

Nancy graduated from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy in Colorado Springs, Colorado in December, 2004, with a Certification in Massage Therapy/Neuromuscular Therapy (CNMT), receiving her license in January, 2005.  Immediately, Nancy began the arduous task of building a clientele.   

Discovering her natural ability to see and feel imbalances in the body, Nancy was able to educate her clients and provide them the relief they needed from their stressed filled lives.  Always communicating to her clients regarding their posture and making them aware of habits that might be contributing to their stress and pain.   However, even with her ability to feel and see these imbalances, Nancy, was unable to find a connection, something was missing.   In 2010, Nancy, attended a Tom Myers seminar in Denver and she discovered the missing piece, ‘fascia’.

In 2014, Nancy, was directed to Structura Body Therapies and the opportunity that they provided for their Franchise Owners, and also, the training and education that they provide for the franchise therapists as they transition from Massage Therapists to Structural Integration practitioners.

Nancy, is the mother of two daughters and has one grandchild.  She enjoys spending time outdoors, especially hiking, she has climbed 4 Fourteeners.  She lives on 5 acres outside of Colorado Springs, with Scott, two dogs, two cats, and peace and quiet.  

“Thank you, Jason and Nancy Prince, for your knowledge and giving natures.  The most amazing opportunity for me, the ability to give answers to our client’s dysfunctions; but also, to give such an awesome opportunity of knowledge and continuing education to my therapists on staff, for a CAREER that will last them a lifetime”.

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