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Philosophy – Healing by Design

Our bodies begin with a perfect construction. Without proper motionalized babies, unrestricted playtime in our youth, the effects of time, gravity and injury take us further from that origin. Structura Body Therapies assists in integrating your body’s structure to the way nature intended.

Nature intended that we have a fully functional musculoskeletal system by design. We are dedicated to helping people attain a fully satisfying and energetic lifestyle free of pain and impairment. This happens through manual and movement therapies in combination with one another or as standalone treatments.

Western medicine has largely neglected the efforts to treat people’s postural problems. The medical industry knows little regarding the muscles and its connective supportive tissue known as Fascia. Structura Body Therapies is a refuge for individuals who seek pain-free function and health for their lives. Through integration and awareness, Structura advances an individual’s understanding of their body and how to take control of their health. This is accomplished through providing caring service by the most skilled team of therapists, making them accessible in one-on-one sessions.

There is nothing more beneficial than the art of human hands sculpting and manipulating the soft-tissues of the body. From the first known texts manual techniques have been a solid part of traditions and healing practices in all cultures. The human body is a motion machine. The bone-levers and muscle-pulleys make that perfectly clear. We may have a high purpose; physical movement is how we accomplish it. Fundamental movement patterns are essential to a pain free quality life. There is no artificial replacement for motion. Motion is absolutely crucial to all the body’s operations and overall welfare and the effective manipulation and movement therapies provided by Structura assist the body’s own role in health and healing.

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