Kate Buckley

Kate Buckley

Kate has been a therapist since 2014 where she spent the majority of her career in Oregon before moving to Utah in the spring of 2018. She practiced primarily in therapeutic settings such as wellness centers, therapeutic massage clinics, and chiropractic offices. Kate has always had a passion for figuring out ways to really, truly help people. She loves to see that moment when someone’s pain has finally gone away!


What sets Kate apart from other therapists at times is that she has had personal experience in what it’s like to lose part of your body to an injury that just didn’t heal right. Through her training at Structura, she has come to understand that the body functions as a whole and compensation patterns that develop from years of trying to keep moving can lead to chronic pain. Kate knows that it is possible to find relief from pain and gain the freedom of movement again.


Structura’s approach of working with the body as a whole and not JUST treating a symptom is what drew Kate to working here. When she saw the type of work that Structura offered, she knew that it is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life–Structura’s therapies truly give people their bodies back, and it is for that reason she loves coming to work to be apart of helping to provide that every day!


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