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On your first visit to our office, you will need to fill out some new client forms before we can start your appointment. The forms that will need to be completed are:

Entrance Application: Personal Information such as Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, etc., Consent for Treatment

Health History: Current Symptoms: Location, Onset, and Duration, General Health Questions

These forms take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. If you are planning to complete them in our office before your appointment, please be early so that you will have enough time to complete them. However, you are welcome to print these forms in advance and complete them before you arrive for your first appointment.

If you have been in a recent auto accident, you will need to complete the Auto Entrance Application. This form is different than our regular entrance application form because it requires information regarding the accident, such as your insurance and claim information, as well as a description of the accident.

To print these forms to complete them in advance, please click the appropriate links:

Please be aware that we have a 24-hour rescheduling policy. If you must change or cancel your appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment time to avoid fees.

No-shows, changes or cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time will be charged.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.