We have been teaching for years the benefits of stretching when it comes to, flexibility, health, and overall performance. Prior to stretching makeJason Prince, massage therapy, Nancy Prince, Ogden, Pain Management, South Ogden, Structura, Structural, Utah sure that you warm-up for 5-10 minutes at a low intensity (such as the elliptical machine, exercise bike, or treading mill). After this warm up you can more effectively stretch the muscles used with less fear of injury. After your work out it is advisable that you cool down for 5-10 minutes at a low intensity (50-60 per cent of your maximum heart rate). Post work out and post cool down you should spend 10 – 20 minutes stretching the muscle groups that where worked.

Why should you stretch?

  • It builds bigger, better-quality muscles.
  • Stretching helps prevent postural problems.
  • Less muscle-pulling overextension injuries compared to not stretching.
  • Simple stretches increase range of motion.
  • It improves muscle appearance.
  • Flexibility exercises help prevent overuse injuries from occurring.
  • Preventing soreness, allowing for faster recovery and better muscle growth.
  • Stretching allows for a more active lifestyle later in life.
  • It invigorates the circulatory, respiratory and neuromuscular systems.

Here at Structura Body Therapies we are concerned with the overall performance of the body and understand the importance of all areas of health and massage therapy. We treat patients with all types of needs from automobile accident related injuries to sports performance work.

Please contact us today for any information needed related to massage or structural integration. call us at 801-897-8711

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