Fascia and Pain

In order to understand how our therapy works, you need to first understand fascia and its crucial role in the body. A basic understanding of this important connective tissue will help shed some light on why pain and dysfunction are present in the body. For a more in depth understanding of how our therapy works and what treatment plan would be best for you, schedule a free consultation today.

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Fascia refers to a connective tissue that surrounds the bones, muscles and organs in the body. It forms a web that binds, supports, connects and separates all regions of the body. The primary function of fascial tissue is to provide shape and suspension for the body. Fascia literally holds the body together.

Fascia’s Relationship With Pain

Fascia absorbs and responds to illness, injury, emotional trauma and everyday stressors that will immediately, or over a period of time, cause knots to form between the muscles. These knots lead to imbalances and dysfunction in the body. Imbalances are felt in the body as chronic pain, discomfort, stiffness, decreased flexibility or impaired movement. Fascial knots that hinder the body’s functional movement must be released in order to allow muscles and joints the space to work and relieve the pain.

structural integration consultation ogden utahHow We Can Help

We are experts when it comes to relieving pain. Our Massage Therapists are functional movement and mobility specialists and have received the highest level of training. Their understanding of how the human body functions, coupled with our therapy techniques, can greatly benefit people seeking pain relief and better health in general.

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Our Unique Approach

We specialize in Structural Integration. Structural Integration is a form of unique bodywork that restructures the physical body by organizing the body’s fascia.

Our Therapists focus on balancing the body to improve range of motion, posture and support pain-free living. They are trained to view muscle imbalances in the body and design a treatment plan specific to each client’s needs. This approach is effective in getting to the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms of pain in the body.

Another one of our techniques is Structural Physiotherapy, which uses principles found in Structural Integration. This therapy targets specific issues using muscle release techniques and movements that relieve chronic pain and tension.

Our approach is different than traditional massage because we are concentrating on changing the structure of the body by manipulating the fascia, instead of just concentrating on the muscles. This unique process helps you experience longer-lasting results.

A Whole Body Strategy

While Structural Physiotherapy is highly effective for pain and dysfunction in targeted areas, Structural Integration is even more effective when it concentrates on the entire body as a whole.

Our ten session Structural Integration series is designed to unravel and unwind the dysfunctional connective tissue throughout the entire body. This systematic approach changes the body’s holding patterns by lengthening and reorganizing the fascia, ultimately putting the body back in a more neutral, balanced state.

To learn more about Structural Integration and how it can help you attain a healthier, balanced and pain-free life, schedule a free consultation today.