Car accidents can leave you and your vehicle a mess

But don’t let your car be the only thing you fix. At Structura, we have the therapy program in place to help repair everything you need to get you back on the road
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Whether a fender bender has left you with whiplash or you’ve suffered from a slipped disc in your back from the impact, our physical therapy program at Structura can be what it feels like when you go “in the shop”—returning you good as know (without the major mechanic bill).

We know that car accidents leave a lasting impact, not only on your bumper but also on your body. To get you healthy, happy, and pain-free again, we have the program in place to evaluate your pain, problem areas, and weaknesses to create a plan to help you get back driving smoothly.

Our staff is highly trained to help you discover the source of your problems and not just treat you for your symptoms. Especially with such a fast-action injury like a car accident, you might come to find that the pain isn’t just where you feel it—but trailed back all the way to the source.

We want to help you overcome those obstacles you’ve been facing in your recovery process alone, being that guy in your corner for your healing process.

Our professional therapists take each of your injuries and pain points seriously, approaching each and every one with the care and concern you’ve been looking for—that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Just like your insurance takes care of your car, let our licensed therapists take care of you, working on your problem areas with optimal methods and techniques, which help promote recovery.

We know that a car accident can leave you limited in what you used to be able to do before. At Structura, we are aware of the benefits of our therapeutic exercises and methods that can focus on certain musculoskeletal conditions that have popped up after the accident. We are also passionate to do our best to not let those certain conditions ever stop you from doing something you love.

The adaptation of our programs to fit your individual needs is what sets our methods apart from other physical therapy programs. We tailor and custom a Physical Therapy Program and Treatment Plan to match your movements on an individual basis.

We also use our database of case reports we’ve taken care of in the past who had injuries just like yours. Past patients and our experience (as well as our educational background) can help provide an optimal experience for you, planning out the perfect program tailored to your body.

From the beginning of our program right to the very end, we will help improve your mobility and flexibility, while still focusing on getting you pain-free. Through the pain you have been feeling now, you might feel tempted to lean toward medication or surgery. However, through our program, you won’t have to resort to either.

Instead of getting a cookie cutter program, Structura will highly emphasize your individual movement, your pain level, and the structure of your body.

From the first assessment, we will take into account your starting line and evaluating how you are when you come into our offices. From there, we will create some personal goals together, which will help us develop that perfect, personalized plan to help you crush it.

From our initial evaluation, our trained professionals on-staff can help you identify any weaknesses you may be having, imbalances in your form or body, and take all pain into account when creating the plan you need to get better.

Our program can be centered to a simple statement: We want to help you manage your pain. From a car accident to our offices, our staff here at Structura will use our knowledge and experience to help you step-by-step in your treatment. We take you through the plan of treating your injury, managing your pain, and developing a program in place for you to move forward on your individual journey.

Every car accident happens differently—affecting different families, cars, and different parts of your body—so why treat them all the same?

At Structura, we don’t.

We use a wide variety of therapeutic methods which can help us pick out the best techniques to work with to help us optimally treat your pain.

You might have chronic tension that needs to be released or need to work on particular muscle fascia in your body. We will evaluate this first and foremost to help you with your pain plan.

By focusing our efforts on the recovery of your body—and mind—we also ask that you take a moment and focus on getting yourself better, too.

Through your individualized plan, we can get you back to feeling pain-free again—as if the accident never happened.

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Pain from a car accident? Let us care for you.

Your insurance takes care of your bills. The mechanic takes care of your car. But who takes care of you?

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Literally or figuratively.

Our Physical Therapy Program at Structura can help treat your pain, no matter how severe it is.

Our Structura Body Therapy Program focuses on your physical pain or injury resulting from a car accident.

From years of practice, we’ve developed our unique process that sets us apart from other therapy options out there. At Structura, we place your individual needs at the foundation of our plan.

From the initial assessment, our staff can help create a customized treatment and therapy plan to help you with your pain, strength, flexibility, and mobility.

Our services offered focus on

Pain Management

Structura’s unique therapy is highly effective for addressing chronic pain, tension, discomfort, stiffness, decreased flexibility or impaired movement. We get to the root of the problem, instead of just treating the symptoms. We strive to help you get back to doing the things that you love, pain-free.

Injury Recover

When injuries occur to the body, it causes trauma to your body’s soft tissue. When your tissue is injured, it will lock up, bind, and shorten to protect itself, causing pain and tension. Our therapists will work to release areas of tension and patterns of stress in the body using our therapy techniques, which will give you faster, longer-lasting relief.

Relaxation Massage

Our relaxation massage is nothing like you’ve experienced before. Our approach will bring balance to your body’s muscle structure and our massage will ease you into relaxation, release stress and promote proper mind-body function. You will feel why the effects of our massages last longer than any other massage.

Athletic Mobility

Athletes need mobility in order to perform their best. Structura’s team of highly skilled massage therapists are trained to view muscle imbalances in the body that may be affecting performance. Our therapy helps athletes gain range of motion and flexibility to help them compete at their highest level.

Structural Integration

We specialize in a unique therapy called Structural Integration. This approach changes the body’s holding patterns and puts it back into a more neutral, balanced state. Our practitioners focus on balancing the body to improve range of motion, flexibility, posture, and support pain-free living.

Postural Alignment Therapy

The Egoscue Method is a unique and very effective program designed to treat musculoskeletal pain without manipulation (massage techniques). It is a process which involves a series of stretches and gentle exercises designed to restore full, natural function to muscles and joints.

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