Here at Structura Body Therapies we preform a 10-session cycle of work, using different angles and degrees of physicalMassage, massage therapy, structural massage, sports massage, Ogden, south ogden, Structura body therapies, Jason Prince, Nancy Prince pressure to stretch and guide fascia to a place of easier movement. Therapeutic intervention is directed toward the myofascial system – which include the ligaments, muscles, tendons and surrounding connective tissues.

During this session of structural integration, our Structura Body Therapist will massage areas outward and in toward the heart and vital organs. The manipulation of the fascia (the system that connects all the body’s systems) is thought to free up areas of congestion within the body. These areas of congestion have been determined as trouble spots that collect sickness and disease, and harbor injury. The structural integration of the body allows for greater freedom and ease of movement, in addition to better overall health.

Structural integration is of particular benefit to triathletes, runners, dancers, ice skaters, gymnasts and anyone who depends on their posture and structural alignment in order to perfect their sport. However, everyone can benefit from regular structural integration sessions as it is known to ease chronic pain and make everyday activities more effective – and less painful. This is because the Rolfing technique gently restructures the body, allowing the body to perform more effectively, and to use less energy when performing regular daily moves because they are performed right the first time.

The biggest improvement found with regular Rolfing sessions is posture. Studies show that when people undergo it on a regular basis, they complain of less back pain because their spinal curvature is corrected.

Here at Structura Body Therapies we are concerned with the overall performance of the body and understand the importance of all areas of massage therapy. We treat patients with all types of needs from automobile accident related injuries to sports performance work.

Please contact us today for any information needed related to massage or structural integration.


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