If you’re a hardworking stiff with an office job, massage can help-at least with the stiff part. 

Sitting at your desk all-day and slouching in front on the TV at night can be adding to the tension in your aching back and neck. “Our necks and backs hurt, and poor posture is the No. 1 culprit,” says Janice Novak, M.S., author of the book, Posture, Get it Straight! (Perigee Trade, 1999).

When you hunch forward, your body isn’t properly aligned. “Not only does poor posture look bad, but it forces some muscles to work incredibly hard all day long while others get weaker,” Novak explains. Poor posture can put you in other slumps, too. “When you slouch, you’re pressing down on your internal organs, which affects digestion,” Novak answers, adding that circulation and breathing capacity can take a hit too.

Bad habits can be incredibly hard to break and often require a great deal of discipline. However, if bad posture is the habit you’re trying to break, all you need to do is sit back and relax-literally! Massage therapy can improve your posture, and you wont have to lift a finger.

How does massage improve posture?

It’s simple, massage relaxes the overworked and sore muscles that resulted from bad posture and allow your body to relax into its natural alignment. Through a course of massage therapy you can be pain free and walk tall.

 Benefits of Improved Posture

▪       Muscles are loosened and relaxed

▪       Joints enjoy greater freedom

▪       Pressure points are relieved

If you’re interested in ongoing massage therapy to improve your posture and help your body become pain free, please contact the experts at Structura.

Here at Structura Body Therapies we are concerned with the overall performance of the body and understand the importance of all areas of health and massage therapy. We treat patients with all types of needs from automobile accident related injuries to sports performance work.

Please contact us today for any information needed related to massage or structural integration.call us at 801-897-8711

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