A scar forms as the result of injury, surgery, or repetitive motion. The damaged tissues heal with adhesions or scar tissue formation rather than the formation of brand new tissue. There are several treatments for scar tissue many of them are painful and invasive. Instead of injections or surgery to reduce the pain and appearance of scars try healing massage therapy.

The scar tissue massage includes a three-step approach:

Step one: Your massage therapist will massage the area around the scar to release the fluids and toxins and relax the surrounding tissues to reduce the pressure on the scar tissue and adhesion and release some of the sensation in the area.

Step two: Your therapist will then use myofascial unwinding strokes that involve slow, constant, steady pressure that only move as the tissue releases. Due to the multi-directional aspect of scar tissue and adhesions, these strokes are applied in any direction that adhesions can be felt.  This means that your therapist will massage the area from all different directions.

Step three: Now your therapist will apply massaging strokes to specific individual fibers. These strokes are also very slow and only move with the release of tissue; usually moving along the fibers since the directed myofascial unwinding strokes have already spread the fibers apart.

We’ve found it’s best to do less rather than more in the first couple of sessions. Massage for scar tissue is like peeling an onion—we take several layers off in each session until there are no layers blocking the core. Sometimes even with the best techniques there will be a reformation of adhesion in the fascia after we have released it. When this happens we will need to come back to this area weekly to release this tissue before it becomes hardened and more extensive. Usually, a point will be reached where the body will quit forming adhesions.

If you have been suffering from painful and unsightly scar tissue, consider massage therapy to help you heal. If you have any questions related to structural integration or massage, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please call 801-897-8711.

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