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Range of motion and flexibility are crucial when it comes to performing at your highest level. Whether you are working out at the gym or running in a marathon; you need a body that can keep up with the demands of a healthy, active lifestyle. Our therapies can help you move freely so that you are able to experience wellness and peak performance levels without pain and dysfunction.

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Structura’s therapy is an excellent choice for athletes striving to increase their overall performance. Athletes, or those with limited mobility, are often plagued with decreased range of motion and flexibility due to injury or chronic muscle problems. Our therapy techniques can help increase how far your muscles can move, while remaining pain-free. We focus on balancing the muscle systems of the body to improve mobility and posture by manipulating the body’s soft tissue, known as fascia. This therapy technique enables the body to maintain the proper mechanics necessary for optimal results in athletics, workouts, and in daily activities. Our team of highly skilled practitioners are trained to view muscle imbalances and design a treatment plan specific to each athlete’s needs. Our practitioners work to release areas of chronic tension and patterns of stress in the body to help you perform your best.

Structural Physiotherapy, one of our therapy techniques, is a great way to begin increasing your performance levels.

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